Terms and Conditions

  • Please check all times, addresses and number of people travelling, are correct on your confirmation and courtesy text or email. Please notify us if anything is incorrect.

  • Please allow sufficient travelling and check in time. This should be no less than 3.5 hours before your flight take off time.

  • Please let us know of any cancellations as soon as possible. For journeys from airport to home, please notify us at least 2 hours before your collection time, if you have missed your flight. We reserve the right to charge the full amount if we have travelled to the airport to collect you and you are not there.

  • We cannot be held responsible for events occurring beyond our control, which cause you to miss your flight. These include, accidents causing delays on the roads, insufficient time allowed to reach the airport, mechanical breakdown of vehicle, tyre puncture, motorway closed without warning, adverse weather conditions.

  • In the unlikely event that we do not collect you, we will not pay for alternative travel arrangements that you make, unless we have agreed.

  • If you cancel part of your booking after you have paid, we will refund you that part, provided you have given the required notice.

  • During the night hours your incoming flight can easily be early or late, and motorways are frequently closed. In this event our drivers will keep in touch with you to advise estimated time of arrival.  
  • If we are asked to advise pick up time, please be aware this is advice only and the ultimately it is up to you what time you wish to travel.
  • If you have excess luggage that you have not made us aware of, we do not guarantee this will fit in our vehicles and hold no responsibility for you arranging alternative transport.
  • If your flight is an overnight flight please make sure to give us your landing date and not your taking off date. If you have provided incorrect information we reserve the right to charge the full fare if we have travelled to the airport and you are not on the flight.
  • We pay the first 30 minutes in the arrivals car park at MIA


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